Frequently Asked Questions

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System Requirements

An internet connection speed of at least 10 Mbps is recommended for taking courses. Check your internet speed here.
(Please note the difference between Kbps and Mbps: 1,000 Kbps = 1 Mbps.)

Our system runs on Windows, Mac and Linux using a modern browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.). All courses are also compatible with mobile devices. Access to mobile-ready courses does not require downloading an app--simply log-in with your web browser.

If you experience issues running your course, please try one of the recommended configurations below. Using a Kindle may work, but is not recommended.

We recommend the following configuration for taking a course:

  • Windows: Google Chrome
  • Mac: Google Chrome or Safari 3 and later
  • Linux: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • iPad/iPhone: Mobile Safari only in iOS 5.0 and later
  • Android tablet/smartphone: Google Chrome

Find out what browser you're using here.

Download Google Chrome for free here.

Computer Troubleshooting Questions and Answers

Why can't I get logged in?
Be sure you are trying to log-in to our Learning Management System here, and not your Rural Water Association member page. Also make sure that your Caps Lock key is not on and that you are correctly typing in your username and password. If you're trying to log in with your email address, try using your actual username instead. If you still can't log-in, try recovering your password.

Still Having Trouble?

If you haven't done so already, try restarting your computer. If you have any Windows updates that are waiting to be installed, allow it to do so at this time.

Sometimes computers may not be able to run the course because of a firewall, not having the appropriate administrative privileges, or system corruption such as a virus. Try launching the course from a different computer or location such as your home or local library.

As always, don't hesitate to call if you need further assistance:

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