About SunCoast Learning

SunCoast Learning Systems, Inc. has been in the water and wastewater online training business since 2002. Now based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, the business began in Florida where we first partnered with Florida Rural Water Association and Texas Rural Water Association to provide continuing education courses for license renewal. Since then, we have become the official online training partner with more than 30 Rural Water Associations (RWAs). We now have more than 30 courses in our inventory, ranging from 1 to 20 hours of credit. Our state-approved courses include basic courses desirable by operators of smaller systems and more complex courses for industries and systems of all sizes.

Our creative revenue-sharing business plan makes us unique in the training industry. Both our RWAs and our course authors share the income from course sales. If you are a qualified instructor and would like to learn more about authoring a water or wastewater course, give us a call at 800-269-1181.

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