With a full time job and a family, being able to log on any time and take it was great... I do highly recommend it.
Michael Costley, LaGrange, GA

I love these online courses! This is the only way I am going to take my continued education from now on.
Ted Morrison, Knoxville, TN

I was doing something wrong and called tech support. They were very helpful and walked me through it. It's really very simple. Anyone not taking online is missing the boat!
Guy Smith, City of Hawkinsville, GA

THANKS--It was a good course--easy to use program and I actually learned something new. Also super convenient--I will likely do online training from here on out since I don't have to miss work or take a vacation day to do it. The price is close to what it would cost for me to travel and eat etc, so it's a good deal for me.
Warren Drake, McCall, ID

The best part is that you can do it on your own time. If I go home and don't feel like logging on to the course, I don't have to. I can wait until tomorrow.
Courtney Johnson, Tennessee American Water

The courses are excellent, superior in content, and exceed basic knowledge normally presented in on-site twenty-hour courses... real learning occurs. My personal experience has been that courses are extremely relevant. My personnel have found them quite challenging, yet definitely worthwhile.
Roy Clayton, City of Harlingen, TX

I enjoyed this online course, and I got more out of it, because I had to go back and study harder to pass each module. Great
Cindy Barkley, Bartow, WV

The class was fun and interesting.
Carl Pitre, Carrollton, TX

I work nights, so I was able to do the training at night. You actually learn something over a course where you just sit in a room. When you take quizzes, it reinforces your learning.
Greg Walls, Wellington, FL


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